Arlington HVAC Contractor

Arlington HVAC Contractor

Arlington HVAC Contractor

Arlington HVAC Contractor

Arlington Indoor Air Quality Services

Spears Refrigeration is a professional Arlington indoor air quality contractor providing a variety of products and services in Arlington and the surrounding areas to help promote clean, healthy air and get rid of air pollution indoors for both our residential and commercial customers. Some of our indoor air quality services include duct cleaning as well as the sale and installation of air cleaners and humidifiers.

Services Our Arlington Indoor Air Quality Contractors Provide

Air Cleaners

Arlington Air CleanersSpears Refrigeration provides top quality air cleaners that offer optimum air filtration for homeowners and businesses throughout the Arlington area. Our air cleaners are easy to use and provide an energy efficient solution to your air purification needs. Don't just settle for what your HVAC system's air filters are providing you - get cleaner, healthier air with the help of an air cleaner ... Read More


Arlington HumidifiersSuffering from dry skin? Ensure your home or business has just the right level of humidity through the installation of a top rated humidifier from your indoor air quality experts at Spears Refrigeration. Having a humidifier installed can also help you save money on your heating costs by keeping the air more comfortable at lower temperatures ... Read More

Duct Cleaning

Arlington Duct CleaningAll kinds of contaminants can live inside the air ducts of your residential or commercial HVAC system, including pollen, dust, dirt, dander, bacteria, and mold. Mold and pests in particular are a major cause for concern as they can damage your health. Contact Spears Refrigeration today to schedule professional duct cleaning services for your air ducts and vents, and start breathing easier ... Read More

If you are looking for an Arlington indoor air quality services contractor then please call 817-654-2222 or complete our online request form.