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Easy Ways to Avoid Air Conditioning Repairs in Southlake

Easy Ways to Avoid Air Conditioning Repairs in SouthlakeAre you a Southlake, Texas homeowner who would like to know a few things you can do to avoid common air conditioning repairs this summer?

Summer is just around the corner, but hot enough weather for the air conditioner will soon be upon us. In fact, some have probably already been switching their air on and off or permanently on for the season. We love this part of the state, and most of us don’t mind the warmer climate here in our area of Texas.

Being on the north side of the state, we get plenty of Oklahoma type weather here, with sudden storms, hail, tornadoes, lightning, and more, but our summers are hot and long, and very enjoyable.

Air conditioning repairs are commonplace in Texas for many homeowners. But there are a few techniques a homeowner can implement into their plans for yearly or seasonal maintenance and chore list for their properties.

The first primary method of avoiding air conditioning repairs this summer is to get an air conditioning inspection and tune-up. There are several reasons to have this service done.

Preventative maintenance always will cost less and be less of a stress-factor than repairs at breakdown. Preventing problems is primary. This includes an inspection done by professional HVAC technicians as well as tune-up that will check and keep parts working well.

Second, keeping filters replaced regularly will not just help your home’s air stay cleaner, but will keep all the mechanical parts of your system from getting gunked up by air pollutants and dust that all forms together on the surfaces to form grime.

Gunk and grime make your machine not function, causing breaking of vulnerable parts that are required for other parts to operate. A dirty A/C unit means your unit stresses to run (translates to higher energy costs and frequent repairs) and causes break downs.

Third, you want to keep a regular eye on your outside air unit. This is called your condenser or heat pump. This outside unit needs to be able to breathe effectively in order to cool down your home. Be sure it turns on and runs when your thermostat turns on the air to cool down the house.

Also, to breathe effectively, it needs to be clear and away from all debris and situated away from walls and fences, etc in order to have enough space around it. Keep grass and foliage away from the unit. Keeping your outdoor unit clear means it won’t labor to give you cool air.

Finally, keep and eye on your air conditioner condensation drip line. Your air conditioner will collect the moisture it creates and route it either to the outdoors via a drip line or the drip line will be led into the sewer line. Either way, at times the line will clog and need to be flushed out. When it isn’t able to drain, this condensation will cause your inside unit to either freeze up or in cases where there is an automatic shut off for this problem, it will trip and not allow the unit to run. Signs your drip line may need attention are

  • Air conditioner not turning on
  • Wet carpeting or flooring near the inside unit
  • Roof leaking or attic leaks

These simple things can give your air conditioner longevity with fewer repairs. It’s just a few things you can do regularly to help you avoid expensive air conditioning repairs.

Don’t go through the months this year ignoring your unit. Instead, understand how you can save money and trouble in the long run with a professional air conditioning inspection and tune-up, along with these few items you can do yourself.

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