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The Benefits of Air Conditioning Services in Arlington


When it comes to cooling systems, your air conditioning is what keeps your home or business cool and out of the heat during the summer. There are many different varieties of cooling systems today that are not only affordable but also very functional.

You may have heard the term BTU in relation to a cooling system before. The term is defined as the amount of heat that’s required to raise one pound of water once degree Fahrenheit. In other words, it’s how much cooling power it has.

Different types of cooling system, react differently for instance, the heat pump has two functions: to heat and to cool. While a window unit only cools,one room down at a time. These units will break down over time requiring professional repairs.

Possible failures of an Arlington cooling system breakdown:

  • Thermostat is set on “heat” instead of “cool” setting
  • Thermostat is not set below room temperature
  • Breaker to cooling system is tripped
  • Blower door is not completely closed
  • The condensation tray is overfilled with water

There’s always lots of ways in which an AC system will break down. When they do, instead of tackling the problems on your own, call in professional HVAC technicians. They can inspect and diagnose your cooling system.

Types of cooling systems:

  • Window – This is a portable unit and is most commonly used in single rooms. The compressor, valve and the cooling coil are all housed in the little, compact unit.
  • Split – Comprised of two parts: indoor system and the outdoor. Indoor has the cooling fan while the indoor offers evaporator.
  • Packaged – Larger cooling system that can cool down more than one room. Compressed gas passes through the unit and cools down a home or commercial dwelling.
  • Central – A popular type of cooling system, it’s what you see at hotels, gyms, movie theaters and restaurants. It is a more expensive option, but pays for itself over time.

Tune-ups are another service that you can have done to your cooling unit. A tune-up will prevent your cooling system from break sing down and not needing replaced. Another thing tune-ups tend to bring about are serviceable cooling systems.

Services for your cooling system are always available. Some contractors even offer emergency services for cooling systems that break down after normal operating hours. Emergency services can also provide homeowners with temporary systems until parts come in.

Spears Refrigeration does it all. They can supply you with repairs, installations, replacements and tune-ups. They are the air conditioning experts in the area. Calling them will get you master HVAC techs. You can never go wrong taking advantage of their services.

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